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‌Get Industry Ready with Automation Skills

Leaders from thriving startups teach fundamentals and conduct real life case studies

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Four Containers


Gain comprehensive insights, practical skills, and strategic acumen necessary to navigate the dynamic landscape of modern business


A process-driven approach emphasizing application, iteration, and perfection for optimal outcomes

Outcome driven

A strategic approach focused on achieving specific goals and measurable results through targeted actions and continuous evaluation

Result oriented

A focused methodology aimed at achieving concrete outcomes and measurable successes through strategic planning and execution

Beyond digital

Level up from digital marketing! Learn automation: the industry's secret weapon. Boost your skillset for smarter campaigns


‌You will be continuously analyze and refine automated processes to maximize efficiency and identify areas for further improvement.


A strategic approach focused on achieving specific goals and measurable results through targeted actions.

‌Metrics & ROI

‌Track the success of automation initiatives, measure return on investment (ROI), and demonstrate the value of automation to stakeholders

Be the Automation Hero - Join the Digital Marketing Automation PGP Program

Industries are keen on having automation in the process apart from Digital Marketing. Equip yourself with both, Digital Marketing & Digital Automation

Digital Transformation Container

Digital Transformation

Join us for success

It’s not just social media anymore. Marketers now leverage automation, data analysis, and targeted campaigns to forge more meaningful connections and drive results that matter.

📊 Data Fluency
💻 Technology Building Blocks
💼 Sales Mentality
🏭 New Age Industries
🤔 Structured Thinking
🗣️ Communication
🔧 New Age Tools
🚀 Startup Ecosystem
📈 Product Management
🏢 Business Foundation


‌What are career opportunities available after completing these programs?

After completing digital marketing courses, you can pursue roles like Digital Marketing Specialist, managing online campaigns, or Social Media Manager, overseeing brand presence and engagement across platforms.

What specific digital marketing skills will I learn in this program?

(SEO, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, etc.)In this program, you'll learn skills such as SEO optimization for better search visibility and Social Media Marketing tactics to engage audiences effectively across platforms, enhancing your proficiency in digital marketing strategies.

Does this program require any prior marketing knowledge or experience?

 No, the digital marketing program typically doesn't require prior marketing knowledge or experience; it's designed to cater to beginners and individuals with varying levels of expertise, offering comprehensive training to all participants.

Will I have the opportunity to work on real-world digital marketing projects as part of the program?

Yes, you'll likely have the opportunity to work on real-world digital marketing projects as part of the program, providing practical experience and allowing you to apply theoretical knowledge in a professional setting, enhancing your skills and portfolio.

W‌hat tools and platforms will be covered in the program?

The program will cover a range of tools and platforms such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, SEO tools like SEMrush, email marketing platforms like Mailchimp, and analytics tools like Google Analytics, equipping you with practical skills for various aspects of digital marketing campaigns

What kind of support will be available to me during the program? (Mentorship, career services, etc.)

‌During the program, you can expect support such as mentorship from industry professionals, access to career services for job placement assistance, and online forums for networking and collaboration with peers, ensuring a supportive learning environment and professional development opportunities.

‌What are the ongoing costs associated with the program? (Tuition, additional fees, etc.)

The ongoing costs associated with the program typically include tuition fees, course materials, and potentially additional fees for certifications or software subscriptions, varying depending on the institution or provider offering the program.

Is there an internship or job placement assistance offered after completing the program?

‌Yes, many programs offer internship opportunities or job placement assistance upon program completion, connecting graduates with industry partners or providing resources for securing positions in the digital marketing field.