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Social media is tempting for startups and small businesses because it is very cost-effective and it’s low point of entry. It has become a priority for startups wanting to succeed in the digital world. But, very few startups have nailed their presence on social media. With the help of a social media marketing company, startups and small business can leverage the power of social media to its full potential. We believe that a business must focus on doing what they are expert at and leave the social marketing expertise to a social media agency like Sharptech. Sharptech has a tight-knit team of creative writers, graphic designers, media spend planners and social media mavens working in co-ordination with each other like a symphony of efficiency to make a brand stand out on social media and attract their target audience to turn them into loyal customers. Best Social Media Marketing Tools for Businesses: Discover the best social media marketing tools used by social media agency professionals to grow a business’s online presence: Hootsuite – It is a syndicate of all social media platforms used for scheduling, content curation, social analytics, managing permissions, security alerts and timely monitoring. Buzzsumo – It helps you to discover best performing and popular content on the web based on the social virality and engagement. It also helps you to find influencers and bloggers in your industry so you can make people aware of your brand. Bitly – It is a url shortener and link analytics service to track link clicks coming from various campaigns on different social media platforms Edgar - It allows you to recycle your old posts. Simply organize and schedule your posts by category and let Edgar do the magic for you. Socedo – It finds the people on social media who qualify your buyer persona based on their social behavior. You can divide the people you found into multiple segments and promote your products to them. Brand24 – It gives you valuable insights on what people say about your brand on social media using big data analytics. It shows your brand mentions on social media and segment them into positive, negative or neutral. Top 10 Advantages of Social Media Marketing for Companies: Follow are the top 10 advantages of social media marketing for companies: Brand Awareness - Popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn and Instagram helps companies to interact with their target audience, thereby increasing brand awareness. Social media helps to create a viral loop, thereby increasing your business exposure to a large audience. Cost-Effective - Advertising via social media is very cost-effective in comparison to traditional advertising. You can reach a 1000 audience for a fraction of the amount with the help of social media than you can via television, print and billboard. Levels the Playing Field - The old-school way of advertising such as print, radio and television require big bucks. For Ex: a 30 sec tvc during the 2015 superbowl costs a staggering $4.5M. SME's do not have this much money kept aside for their marketing spends. Enter social media. Whether a startup, medium size business or a large corporation, social media provides an equal platform for advertising. The cost associated in promoting your brand is affordable for businesses of any size. Laser-Focused Targeting - One of the most important advantages of social media marketing for companies over traditional advertising is the ability to snipe your targeted audience based on interests, behavior, demographics, radius targeting and job titles. Global Exposure - Social media helps businesses to make a worldwide impact. It eliminates all geographical barriers and saves the cost of having a brick-and-mortar store in every targeted country of the business. Higher Conversion Rates - Every post on your social media brand page - whether an image, video or carousel; leads a visitor to your website and become a loyal customer. People interact with those brands on social media that have a human touch rather than a company which blabbers corporate jargon. Improved Brand Authority - Social media makes a brand appear authoritative. People are more likely to trust experts or authorities on a specific topic in a particular industry. Better Customer Interaction – Brands get to interact with their customers and vice versa, on social media. Social media gives a human touch to your brand by being the voice for your company. The more the customer interacts with your brand, the more the chances of that customer being loyal to your company. Rise in Incoming Traffic – Apart from SEO and PPC, Social media contributes to an increase in incoming traffic from Facebook groups, Google plus communities, Twitter tweets, LinkedIn groups, Instagram link-in-bio clicks, Youtube description clicks and sponsored posts. You can get incoming traffic from new audience similar to your existing audience with the help of Facebook’s Look-Alike Audience feature. Powerful Brand Insights – Social media analytical tools provide you with valuable insights on your most purchased product/service, the demographics of your customers, the time your audience is most-active and the engagement level on different types of posts like image, video and gif’s. These valuable business insights drive your future decisions and help in improving your brand’s efficiency on social media. Social Media Marketing Services in India by Sharptech Sharptech – a core believer in ‘Survival of the Freshest’ is a leading social media marketing company and agency in Mumbai, India; providing complete social media marketing services like campaign ideation-to-execution, content scheduling, laser-focused ad targeting, professional live-video streaming, contests, influencer outreach, viral video promotion and monthly social tracking & reporting.
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