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On the onset let me thank you for showing interest in associating with IDM. IDM (Marketing Training & Consultancy) is a unique Sales Effectiveness Hybrid Platform which combines experts, consultants, Trainers, Products etc on one single Digital Growth System Platform. It helps Sales Teams to perform by increasing their effectiveness. For this, we work closely with consultants like you, who are experts in Sales & Marketing Strategy, Training and Coaching. We (YOU and IDM) help Clients (either IDM Clients or your Clients) to implement proven , effective Sales or Marketing Automation processes that increase the effectiveness of their team by Resulting in Growth. ________________________________________ ________________________________________ How Digital Growth System helps its Partners(Trainers/Consultants/Mentors/Coaches) ? • Digital Growth System helps you to give Focused Actions to your strategies and methodologies
. • Digital Growth System empowers and enhances the productivity of Sales Team (They will love it). • Digital Growth System helps you to get insightful Analytics which help you further reinforce your methodology and provide further Business Growth. How does IDM work? • The Client comes via Lead Generation Activities done by IDM. • Trainings, Products, Services & Consulting which we provide to our Clients are available on our website (and included in our proposal). • You provide those services which are implemented using Digital Growth System as a tool. • You may or may not implement Digital Growth System ,But your Sales Methodology and trainings will be aligned in line with Digital Growth System. Trainer/Consultant/Partner Empanelment Criteria: • The Consultant should have at least three years expertise in the area of Training, Sales/Marketing - Strategy and implementation process. • Should have at least one successful implementation of Sales/mktg/Training Process in any organisation of any size. • Experience of CRM/Automation/Digital tools though not mandatory but preferred. • It's not about Technology. It's about increasing Effectiveness of the TEAM. (Digital Growth System just happens to be a best-suited PROVEN system). Consultant Empanelment Process: • Given your expertise, please consider submitting a proposal to idm • Upon request by Consultant for becoming IDM Partner, IDM will carry out the process according to Empanelment Criteria.
 • Calls, Personal Meetings will be done to understand the fulfilment of Criteria with mutually agreed milestones. • IDM will train the consultant in understanding the capabilities of Digital Growth System as a platform and how it can be utilised to implement Lead Generation and Conversion. 
 What is in for Trainer/Consultant/Partner: • You get a share of revenue from Digital Growth System sales. • IDM will do lots of effort in online and offline marketing and promotion of Events, Seminars, Webinars, Workshop hence the flow of lead is expected. • Moreover, IDM services will also be offered to our Existing and new Digital Growth System customers. • When IDM refers the Client to you, then there is revenue sharing in the Training/Prod/Services/Consultancy. 
 • IDM website will list your Complete profile, along with your Success stories. • You may also write blog articles on IDM website to establish the thought leadership. (we can help you with the blog writing). Sharing your insights offers a fantastic opportunity to get your brand name out there, network with your peers, and potentially receive a free entry at our National Meets/Events
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