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Namaste Supply (fresh qualified students) ... Welcome Demand (Market skills)

Welcome to the New acronym of WWW  (wonderment wait and watch ) 

India is becoming a  “Show IT and Do IT” economy. Where codified skills IS the new currency, not Engineering/MBA degrees are passe

Indian  employers are currently looking for nearly 7 million workers,  having the  ’21st century skills’. Education itself is exploding as a job category with 18,000 more ‘educational services’ job openings, balancing with the changing landscape from early childhood to lifelong learning and competing in a global market tracking to $10 Trillion by 2030.

There has never been a louder debate about the relevance of a college degree with numerous Engineering and MBA colleges closing down for lack of admissions as Students and Parents have become WISE to Get that just a University Paper degree will not ensure JOB/CAREER for them. 

Govts Policy of failure of Skill India initiative as it did not produce world class skills amongst the Students has resulted in  fierce conversation for re-imagining vocational training. 

Students, Experts  and Employers are screaming aloud for rapid, relevant and ROI driven skills acquisition and new fast-moving, micro-credential driven platforms are racing to challenge their ‘formal’ peers for the role.

Entry of AI Artificial Intelligence has added much needed spice and flavour to this gameplan making it Ultra Dynamic which very few today are capable of Understanding. 

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