Digital conscious

Digital getting Conscious

With the Growth of Artificial Intelligence and Technology entering every domain of our Life people have started wondering what next ? The term conscious was only in the domain of Spirituality and slowly got into psychology and now Neurology.

With IoT we have initiated the process of making Machines SMART and with enhanced Intelligence being provided with AI the machines are getting WISE. it reminds me of Christof Koch, chief scientific officer of the Allen Institute for Brain Science in Seattle who has written 3 books on consciousness and his famous article "Cracking the Brain Codes"  tells that researchers are still far from knowing why it occurs, or even agreeing on what it is 

Experts are Challenged on How to make the Machines better than Extraordinary Human Being. This Quest has compelled for all inter-disciplinary People to come together and work on this Secretive-Mystical domain.

Scientist have started reading Scriptures and Spiritual Gurus are being frequently called and referred for their Experiences, Insights and Opinions.

Unfolding and unraveling of the Mystical-secrets has started emerging, Wonderful spin-offs  have started to come out from the Labs and We will be witnessing Amazing Techno products brought forth for Human Growth. Even Elon Musk has ventured into this domain with his company named Neuralinks.

The Term conscious was earlier used for Awareness. The scientific American explains it as "Consciousness is everything you experience. It is the tune stuck in your head" while. Integrated Information Theory (IIT) proposed by Guilio Tononi neuroscientist, USA has found wide acceptance among the Scientist.

The Opportunity

The Symbiotic Combination of Digital and Conscious is causing Nuclear Fission with numerous Ideas, Tools and Products for numerous Industry verticals and Applications

The Digital God: How Technology Will Reshape Spirituality the Author William Indick profoundly describes  Digital Dreams and its relevance coupled with progression to Digital zen and Digital Nirvana.lastly he speaks of GOD Machine and Spiritual Networking which resembles to Cloud Networks of today. Handling Digital-Natives has been a big challange for the Parents, Teachers and Employers as well. Though fictional but it was very well put in the movie “Runaway AI”  about the financial market, all those trading machines, flash crashes. People are going to abuse computer intelligence, blindly maximize for some goal. It’s going to lead to more and more concentration of power among fewer and fewer people`



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