Digital Transformation academy Values

ABOUT Digital-Transformation Academy

For two decades we have partnered with passionate Students, Professionals and SME Business owners to build their Career/Business that made them Proud. Today, Surekh Services continues that legacy, investing in Passion-preneurs with bold ideas that span industries and Geography, partnering with them from Idea to IPO and beyond to maximize their potential of their strengths… and create, CAUSE history.


To be the first call for Passion-Preneurs who are Committed in Causing history and to partner with them in Growth-Journey of their Dreams.


Empathy compass

Our Core Value is serving humanity with the Digital-Cognitive tools — people, technology and capital — and we work with Passion-Preneurs who share these Values.


Building a Career/Business is a long challenging journey that demands courage to make difficult  decisions. We have Experienced this Growth Journey several times and have a deep understanding of the Terrain challenges faced by Passion-Preneurs.


we are here to support Passion-Preneurs and their teams on the Growth Journey for Realizing their Dreams. We neither have all the answers nor blind assumptions in taking for Granted (the Challenges)

Results mindset

We try to match the Energy, ambition of our Passion-Preneurs and  aware that winning needs passion, Team-work and Innovative thinking that comes from multi talented experts  and experienced Team.

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