Sales Performance Management Summit

Redefine the sales performance integrities

Capturing Sales performance holistically has drastically transformed in last 5 years. And the emphasis now have moved from What Is to How Is. Data coming from automation devices is transforming sales performance. Everything is transforming and further it will evolve. Future ready solutions are bringing their own challenges – Like; significant automation, people are becoming extremely digital friendly but are losing the ability to manoeuvre manually in tough situations, thus leading to discounting on the talent and capability.

Learn from the leaders,on how they are building capabilities in their Sales team and how are they creating a competitive advantage to stand out as a strong leader.

Automation and AI are disrupting the economy and making the sales jobs disappear. Is the future of Sales going to be bleak? organizations are capitalizing on the evolution in sales, harnessing the power of technology to separate themselves from the rest of the pack by moving their sales professionals from a transactional relationship to a more strategic consultative sale.

What organizations are doing in such situation? Spend 40% of the time on selling, the rest is on admin and training. Automation can free up a sales person time to do what they are great at - being strategic b

Key themes to be addressed, but not limited to:

Misconceptions affecting the way of sales and sales performance of an organization

The art and science of Sales: End to end process readiness framework

People – Not technologies are the differentiators in Digital Era

When you build capability, build structural capability

Digitization – Sailing or sinking the boat of Sales

business advisors to their clients!

Who will attend?

 Head/ VP/ Director of Sales

 Head/ VP/ Director of Salesforce effectiveness

 Head/ VP/ Director of L&D - Salesforce

 Head/ VP/ Director of Sales transformation

 Chief Sales Officer

WHY Attend?

Where else will you get a chance to meet the senior professionals of Sales from across Industry? 
Where else will you get to know what are the requirements of laying down the best Sales performance strategies? 
Where else will you get to know about the trending technologies and measuring tools in Sales professionals are looking for?

Partnering for 2nd Sales Performance Management Summit will enable your organization to brand and promote the business offerings in unique way to differentiated audience group. Conference Attendees: Head of Sales, Salesforce Effectiveness, Sales Transformation, Sales Operations, who are keen to stay updated with changing disruptive world to sustain in the VUCA Times. Ways in which you can showcase your Brand:

    • Chairing the Face Off Sessions
    • Showcasing your Thought Leadership and Industry Knowledge by being a part of panel discussion
    • Positioning your brand as one of the partners across the Summit communication
    • Displaying your products and services during networking breaks or exhibition booth
    • Sharing company literature to attending

for Registration visit http://spmsummit.in/

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Sr Conference Producer and Head Be Spoke Content 
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Miss Linda Clarke
Marketing Manager
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