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It allows businesses to quickly and efficiently Identify their Target Groups, Buyers Persona, Behaviours and Create Attractive content for engaging, send personalized marketing messages to specific audiences via socialmedia, email campaigns, sms based on their unique interests and needs.

About Courses

With the Dynamic digital marketing landscape ,Lead Generation is constantly evolving as new technologies, innovations and platforms come to the fore. And while these changes introduce exciting business opportunities for your company, they can also present a range of challenges and uncertainties in Conversion of Strangers to Visitors and then Converting those Visitors to Leads looks simple but Challenging Proposition Over half of the planet (3.8 billion people) uses email in 2018, and that’s not changing any time soon. In fact, leading studies predict that there will be 4.2 billion email users by the end of 2022. Email is the most prevalent form of business communication in the US, and 91% of US consumers check their email every single day.

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