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Target audience: Advertisers/merchants, CMOs, Affiliate Managers, Independent Consultants, freelancers, Digital marketing experts, Trainers, ecommerce professionals, MSME Entreprenurs, Email marketers, Social-media professionals DESCRIPTION: Indias top Retailers and ecommerce Organisations have an affiliate marketing program. It isn’t unusual to see as much as 60% of an online advertiser’s sales driven in by affiliates. Whether you are looking for sales, leads, phone calls, or any other kind of performance, affiliate marketing is a powerful tool that’s gaining importance with Digital penetration.. The 2 day workshop is an interactive and case study based, Industry Experts will provide a “Real Life Experiential Learning to Participants. Facilitators the will walk you through the entire process of researching, setting up, launching, managing, and building an affiliate marketing System for your business. Day starts with Power Energizers by learning how and Ends with confidence cum Delight having all the tools and knowledge necessary to make your affiliate program a success. Contents of the Workshop • Introduction (Affiliate Gears ) • Size of the industry (India , Global) • What affiliates are not • Types of affiliates • Global Nature of affiliate marketing • Payment models AFFILIATE PROGRAM SETUP (Affiliate Pillars) • Platforms (in-house, affiliate networks, etc) • Management (in-house or outsourced; most networks won’t manage it by default) • Competitive intelligence (prior to setup and determining terms; and ongoing) • Commission/payout, cookie life, incentives, locking period • Content Bank: Creatives, email templates, • Legal Aspects Program policies (TOS) AFFILIATE MANAGEMENT (Affiliate Drivers & Accelerators) • Framework of Affiliate program management • Recruitment: basics, tools • Activation: ideas • Policing: tools(Affiliate Pillars) • Communication: importance, frequency • Optimization (via competitive intelligence, replicating own successes, co-branded pages, etc.) • Continuous Training and education.

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