ABOUT FRANCHISE:THERE ARE MANY OPPORTUNITIES TO WORK (WE SAY IT PLAY) WITH IDM - TO BECOME PART OF A TEAM TO TAKE THE WEB SITE FORWARD EXCITINGLY AND INNOVATIVELY. The opportunities, and the nature of IDM and its aims will tend to suit people seeking: flexibility, enjoyment, stimulation freedom to try new things, experiment, and innovate a chance to grow something useful and significant an outlet for creativity, expertise, a dream or a passion fair reward and potentially a partnership/share in a sizeable enterprise. We are committed to grow by sharing and cooperative principles, than the conventional Commercial-Sales’ approach. Those who are supporting and contributing for our growth will be fairly compensated, and ideally become our partners of mutual growth. There is no plan for having Corporate Investment or to sell IDM. Ideally IDM will grow and thrive as a cooperative or mutual, or similar. After all... Now It’s your Choice .. Why partner with us: Earn from new revenue streams . Differentiate and enhance your offerings from your competitor Being in action for delighting your current customers. Who can be Our Partner? Sales and Marketing Service Firms. Business Development, Advertising firms/Consultants. Training and eLearning Services Institutes/Companies. Consultants and System Integrators of Digital Marketing technologies. Events, Conferencing and Communications Service Providers. Industry Associations Chamber of commerce Houses, Groups, Societies.. There are a number of ways to form a partnership with us. Models include: Referral - Earn commissions for referring business. Reseller - Resell our products to your customers. Agency - Enhance client programs and deliverables with on-demand presentations. Affiliate - Promote IDM to your members or subscribers. Content - Publish and sell your knowledge and expertise on IDM. Partner program benefits may include: Referral fees Resale margins Content revenue share Co-marketing opportunities Sales support Online training

About the Courses

What is Digital Marketing? Digital Marketing is the term used for the targeted, measurable, and interactive marketing of products or services using digital technologies to reach the viewers, turn them into customers, and retain them. Foundation course in digital marketing will enable you to conquer your success bit by bit in the digital domain. So, how is digital marketing different from traditional marketing? The traditional manner of marketing involved businesses to advertise their products or services on print media, radio and television commercials, business cards, billboards, and in many other similar ways where Internet or social media websites were not employed for advertising. Traditional marketing policies had limited customer reach ability and scope of driving customers’ buying behavior.

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