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Creative Vistas has a history of doing cultural events that are electic and virtually touching one’s soul. Be it theatre, music, dance or literary evenings,  creative and innovative programmes are a given.   Some fine theatre shows like ‘When God Said Cheers’,  ‘Mian Biwi Aur Manto’, ‘ Amrita Pritam’ ‘Hai Mera Dil’  and ‘Bade Mian Deewane’ have been shows that were riotous hits. And these plays have been heartwarming and extremely well directed and well received by audiences. Similarly, sufi and light music bands like Mausiqaar, Tarkash and various other musicians have enthralled audiences.   Literary evenings, cine fests, standup comedy evenings  and book readings as well s exhibitions of paintings and photography have all been grist to the artistic endeavours.

Conceptualising  innovative  events and creating a great connect between artistes and  members of the audience, the endeavour is to raise people’s sensibilities and foster a climate where art has an integral place in sensitizing and uplifting intellectual and socially progressive ideas in  society. Boasting  of an impressive hundred programmes in a span of over four years since its inception, Creative Vistas has  performed  to deeply discerning audiences.

Brand Promotion

Brands that have associated with events done by Creative Vistas include real estate majors like DLF, Sobha, M3M. hospitality major Taj in various cities, banks including Citi, HSBC, Kotak, Indusind and car majors like BMW, Benz, Volvo, Benz , Audi, Jaguar, land Rover etc and several consumer goods as well as other products. Creative Vistas has through its programmes helped brands to project their products and services.

Besides the events, Creative Vistas can help corporate in promoting their brands through various BTL as well as ATL activities. 

Creative Vistas is looking at the business of promoting brands  helping them to get their RoI.  In this connection  there could be collaborative BTL events that will help generate business for various brands. Also PR and ATL activities can also be looked at.  All sorts of branding ie through print/electronic as well as outdoor and multiplex media can be harnesssed


With a long stint in journalism and bringing out books and magazines spread over three decades, Creative Vistas  can help in bringing out publications.

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